Heritage Village, East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Heritage Days - August 13-14, 2022 

Vendors Welcome
Saturday August 13, 2022 Event Times: 10am-4pm 
Sunday, August 14, 2022 noon - 4pm 
Vendor Set-Up prior to event start time.

Commitment: Your booth will remain open for business during the event times. All trash must be placed into garbage cans located on the grounds.

Parking:           No parking allowed inside the fenced area. Street parking only. You can pull up to load/unload during set-up times or at the end of the event day.

Booth Fees:     Booth size is approximately 10’x10’.You must bring your own table, chair, tablecloth, banner, and any decorations and other supplies needed for your designated space. You may choose either Saturday, Sunday, or both days. We have only outside spaces available. Outside vendors will have to provide their own shade/rain tents if needed. You can rent multiple, adjacent spaces if needed and pay each space separately.

Outside 10’x10’ Space: $10 per day

Registration: Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only one (1) direct sales representative per company will be allowed. Booth fees must be received with the application. You are not a confirmed vendor until all fees have been received. Drop off registration & fees at Triangle Coach Service:

Triangle Coach Service Attn: Angie Helms

1611 Central Avenue NW East Grand Forks, MN 56721

Miscellaneous Items: 

  • The only items you are allowed to have at your booth for sale are those listed on your application.
  • Product giveaways are not permitted without the prior approval of the Heritage Days organizers.
  • All vendors must first be approved by the Heritage Days organizers. The organizers reserve the right at their sole discretion to approve vendors.
  • Booth fee is non-refundable. Booth space is non-transferable and cannot be sub- rented.
  • No open flames or heaters. No pets are allowed on Heritage grounds. No smoking is allowed onsite.
  • You are not allowed to sell or provide samples of alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Anyone not complying with guidelines and regulations must leave the Heritage Days event immediately if asked to do so by an authorized representative of Heritage Days organization.

Heritage Foundation

PO Box 281

219 20 Street NE

East Grand Forks, MN 56721



Rules for Vendors Selling Baked or Canning Goods/Eggs


Eggs must be kept in a cooler with a thermometer to prove the temperature is 42˚ F or colder.


Each food container and/or food item sold must include the following statements using a font size that is prominent, conspicuous, and east to read:


1.  “These food products were produced in an uninspected home kitchen where major food allergens may also have been handled and prepared”


2.  List all the ingredients.


3.  List the date and physical address of preparation.


A sign stating, “These canned goods/baked goods are homemade and not subject to state inspection” must be posted at your table.


If the rules are not followed the vending manager has the right to prohibit the sale of foods/items at the Heritage Days event.


Canned/Baked Good Label Example

Brenda’s White Bread

Ingredients: Flour, water, salt, active dry yeast.


Baked by Brenda Thompson at 122 Pioneer Ave North,

East Grand Forks, MN on 5/13/2015


 These food products were produced in an uninspected home kitchen where major food allergens may also have been handled and prepared.